Income tax table is updated and there is a new tax calculation option

The new individual income tax table came into effect on 05/01/2023.

FromUntilTax rateDeduction
R$ – R$2.112,000,0%R$ –

With this update, income from salary, rent, “carne leão”, pro labore and among others have changed. As of the aforementioned date, income tax will be calculated based on these new amounts.

In addition to this table update that has not occurred since 2015, a new option for deducting the income tax calculation base was created.

Currently, for calculating the income tax basis, it is possible to make the following legal deductions:


-Social security contribution


-private pension

The Government created a simplified form of deduction, based on a fixed amount. Instead of making all the deductions mentioned in the previous item, it is possible to use the standard discount of R$528.00.

An example for a better understanding.

ActualStandard discount / New
Legal deductions:
    Social security contribution385,92
    Standard discount528,00
Income tax basis3.424,493.472,00
Income tax 15%143,27150,40

In this example, the option for the current method is more advantageous for the taxpayer for paying less income tax.

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