Cost reduction

You will no longer have to worry about Issuing Invoices, Requesting Payments to Your Bank, Managing Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, Collecting Receivables, Preparing Cash Flows, Reconciling Bank Statements, and many other tasks that reduce your team’s productivity

Focus on your core business

The use of Orgatec’s services offers control and excellent financial and accounting reporting, allowing you to focus on your business strategy and make the right decisions.

Tax and Accounting Advisory

The Brazilian tax laws and regulations are complex and constantly changing. Not being aware of these changes can result in fines and financial problems.

Full Accounting Services

Accounting and tax compliance, accounting classification and bookkeeping in accordance with current accounting standards and principles, preparing periodic trial balances, preparing balance sheets and statements of profit or loss, and everything you need for a complete, efficient management.

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Our Services

We offer a wide range of services; you can find at Orgatec everything you need in terms of financial, accounting and administrative management.


We prepare accounting reports in English and Japanese according to your needs and we also perform the translation of these reports into IFRS and USGAAP international accounting standards.


We have expertise in controlling and managing the finances of domestic and foreign companies, and even of those without a presence in Brazil.

Our finance department performs all the procedures inherent to the function, such as: issuing checks, accessing Internet Banking, controlling bank accounts, managing accounts payable and receivable, performing currency exchanges, among other services


Our services include Payroll Management in accordance with the prevailing labor laws, Handling the Employee Hiring and Dismissal Process, Processing Payroll Calculations, Managing Employee Benefits, Providing Employee Services, and other tasks required by the complex Brazilian labor laws.


Our tax services include invoice issuance, tax calculations, preparing and filing the monthly, quarterly, and annual returns required by law, and managing all the tax matters of your business.


We manage the incorporation and regularization of companies nationwide, both at the Federal and State level.


Any questions regarding the accounting, business, corporate, labor or tax functions?

Our clients have a dedicated specialized team to reply to any doubts regarding their daily activities.


Business management involves decision-making. Orgatec clients have access to a team specialized in operational and financial reporting and SWOT Analyses for data-based decision making.


We review procedures and validate the internal controls used by our clients in order to advise the company management or staff on strategies that would redefine processes and management methodologies.


Our Individuals department helps corporate executives, self-employed practitioners, immigrants, and migrants in general preparing their annual income tax return (IRPF), “carnê-leão” forms (monthly income tax payment method for individuals in Brazil), regularizing their exit from the country, capital gains, among other services. Subjects.

Being an Orgatec client is easy


We make a first validation of your business’s registration.


We check if your business’s clearance certificates are up-to-date.


We check if the year’s mandatory filings have been filed.


We register your business in our exclusive client area.


We perform a general audit on your business

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Internal meeting between managers.


Internal meeting between Orgatec staff.

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