Please, we would like to share the 2023 holiday calendar in Brazil as well as the clarification of the main doubts about it.

The holidays are:

01/25/2023 – Sao Paulo city – Anniversary

02/20/2023 – Carnival

02/21/2023 – Carnival

04/07/2023 – Good Friday

04/09/2023 – Easter Day

04/21/2023 – Tiradente’s Day

05/01/2023 – Labour Day

06/08/2023 – Corpus Christi

07/09/2023 – Constitutionalist Revolution of 1932

09/07/2023 – Independence Day

10/12/2023 – Nossa Senhora Aparecida’s Day

11/02/2023 – Dead’s Day

11/15/2023 – Proclamation of the Republic Day

11/20/2023 – Black Consciousness Day

12/25/2023 – Christmas Day

*It was listed just the holidays from Sao Paulo’s State and Sao Paulo’s City

Main doubts:

1. Have any 2023 holidays been brought forward to 2022 due to the effects of the pandemic?

No. No 2023 holidays were anticipated.

2.If the holiday falls on weekends, will it be necessary to anticipate or postpone the enjoyment of that day?


3.Is it possible to anticipate the enjoyment of a holiday?

Yes, as long as there is an authorization issued by the unions or collective agreements. The enjoyment of the day must be held in the same week of the holiday.

4.Is it possible to amend(bridge) the holiday? What would that be? What are the rules?

That would be to make a bridge the gap between the holiday and the weekend. For example, holidays that fall on Tuesday or Thursday.

There are companies that already calculate how many bridges they will have in the year and propose that their employees already work more during the period precisely to compensate for those days that will be rested.

There are also cases of companies that make those days off and not requesting compensation.

Please contact us if you have any other questions or need further clarification.

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